Performance Accessories for Your Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle is more than just taking the bike out on a nice day for a ride. It is more than a hobby; it is a lifestyle. From the roar of the wind to the independence of the open road, a motorcycle symbolizes freedom. Taking the time to care for your motorcycle is like meditation or therapy. Whether it is to wash and wax it, to tune it up, or to rebuild the exhaust system, hours and stress will melt away, and your state of mind is renewed.If you are thinking of upgrading your ride for better performance here are some great products and tips.

performance accessories at Chesapeake CyclesBefore making any modifications, you should make sure that your motorcycle is functioning as best as it can. Basic maintenance may seem like an obvious part of owning a bike, but it can be easy to put it off, and you end up neglecting the simplest, but most important tasks. Once these basic issues and necessary comfort accessories are taken care of, you can begin to consider performance accessories.

Improve your exhaust system

Installing a better exhaust system is probably the number one aftermarket modification a bike owner will make. The exhaust system guides the gasses away from the engine. It serves to drop a significant amount of weight from your bike while improving throttle response and adding power and torque.

Tweak your suspension

Adjusting the suspension will completely change the way your bike handles. Adjusting the compression and damping settings for your weight will help tailor how your motorcycle responds to your inputs. If you feel like you are just not getting it right, so don’t be discouraged. Suspension adjustments can be tricky to perfect. Consider having this setup by a professional.

Swap out your wheels

Wheels are an area where Motorcycle manufacturers tend to cut corners. Heavy wheels will counteract any suspension improvements. When you install a set of super light wheels, you will feel a notable difference. There are many great options in a variety of styles and price ranges available.

Replace your tires

Once you replace your wheels, you need to wrap them in some high-quality rubber. First consider your purpose, are you looking to cruise long distance, are you about the thrill and need a good grip on the road, or are you commuting around town? Do a little research, makes some calls, and ask around. There may be some trial and error involved, so engage the experts for their advice.

Install different Disc Brakes

If you are looking to push it to the limits, safety is a must when it comes to brakes. You will need pad and lines that stop hard and smooth. The bigger and lighter the better. Again, this is a great forum to consult the experts. Good breaks make a world of difference and improve performance and give an added measure of protection.

The staff at Chesapeake Cycles loves answering questions about improving your ride and what performance accessories are the best. We think the best ride is the one you create for yourself. We are all riders, and we understand the joy and pride in taking your motorcycle to another level. Come into Chesapeake Cycles and check out our showroom selection of pre-owned motorcycles, and learn all about the accessories to improve your performance. We always have the latest and greatest inventory and no one can beat our pre-owned selection.