Necessary Comfort Accessories for Your Bike

You can spend years, and quite a pretty penny upgrading and personalizing your motorcycle. While it may look superb, how comfortable is your ride? What good is a sweet sled if your saddle is unbearable, even on short jaunts. And we get that the wind blowing through your hair is part of the appeal to riding, but to have the wind or rain relentlessly blast in your face at 65 MPH for hours? Not so much.

The staff at Chesapeake Cycles see riders all the time searching for better comfort. Let us reassure you that there is a variety of options that may make you feel like you are riding a bark-o-lounger but avoid looking like the geezer glide. The best two items to consider are a windshield and a comfortable saddle. Here are some tips for shopping for these comfort accessories.


motorcycle windshield Chesapeake Cycles

Choose a size that is not too high to interfere with your vision. It must be low enough to see over, but high enough to be effective. An accumulation of dirt, bugs, fogging or rain will quickly create an opaque windshield. Look for the proper material if you plan on riding at night, as lights can reflect and limit your visibility.

Being able to tilt your shield is a bonus in case you need to make adjustments. Different angles may be able to deflect bugs and wind blasts more effectively. For most riders, quick detachment is a plus. You may want the shield on for touring, but then you may want to remove it for cruising around town. If this is a consideration, check into quick-release features as well. Some shields offer tinting that can decrease daytime sun glare and nighttime headlight glare. Take care to check your local laws to see how deep you can legally tint.

The Saddle

Comfort Accessories Chesapeake Cycles

A good seat begins with the best material for your purpose. You will also need to take into consideration your personal preference. Are you willing to invest in a high-quality leather saddle that requires regular maintenance? Or are you more likely to buy a cover that you can use during longer rides? There are many options such as sheepskin, or wooden beads.

You should also take into consideration your bike’s overall aesthetic, and if you have other accessories like saddlebags. If you have a leather seat, you should consider leather accessories that compliment it, and vice versa. Leather may require a bit more maintenance than vinyl, but it will weather beautifully.

When choosing a saddle, you will also need to consider the rider’s body type and build. There are seats to accommodate tall or shorter people, large or small builds. The width of the saddle will also help with hip comfort, and provide more or less leg room. Texture and design of the saddle will also affect comfort. If the leather is stitched or has buttons, or if the fabric is tufted or gathered, it may look great, but on long rides it can dig into sensitive skin or cause rubbing. A smooth saddle many be best for longer rides, plus it gives you the ability to add a textured cover should you desire. Covers made of sheepskin are surprisingly cool in summer and warm in winter. They also stay dry in damp situations.

Cushioned covers are beneficial because they are removable for short distances. They add a touch of extra comfort for longer cruises. Gel seats are popular now, as they will mold to the body, and move with you. They also retain a cooler temperature as well. Keep in mind that using a cushioned cover may add a little instability in the saddle. Take that into consideration with regards to your posture and make the necessary adjustments.

There are many accessories a rider can choose from to enhance comfort to your ride. If you have any questions regarding choices available, styles and installation, come into Chesapeake Cycles. Our staff knows about the latest in accessories and are a great resource. Our showroom has so many options available and we will help you outfit your cycle for the ultimate in comfort.