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  • Reduced, Standard, and Extended Reach
    Difference Between Extended, Standard, and Reduced Reach.
    Find Your Best Fit. Extended, Standard, and Reduced Reach If you have been wanting to customize the ergonomics of your Indian Scout and or Indian Scout Sixty than you are in luck. Indian Motorcycle offers three options for fitment, Extended, Standard, and Reduced Reach. Learn which option...
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  • top 10 gifts for the motorcycle enthusiast
    Top 10 Gifts for the Motorcycle Enthusiast
    Top 10 Gifts for the Motorcycle Enthusiast With Christmas being right around the corner, we have put together a list of the top 10 gifts for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life. From apparel to accessories Chesapeake Cycles has you covered this holiday season. Make your holiday wish list...
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  • What is the best motorcycle helmet for you?
    What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet for You?
    Motorcyclists can all agree that there is nothing like the adrenaline rush of revving up the motor and heading out for a ride. There is no excuse for inadequate safety measure while on the bike. Riders are more likely to survive an accident when wearing a helmet. What is the best motorcycle helmet for you? ...
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  • Veteran's Charity Ride Premier Event
    2016 Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis Event
    On November 12, 2016, Chesapeake Cycles invites you to join us for the 2016 Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis Premier Event. The Veterans Charity Ride is an amazing organization helping disabled vets to assimilate after suffering trauma during wartime deployment. ...
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  • Riding in the Rain
    8 Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain
    Mother Nature does not always cooperate. Even with the most carefully planned motorcycle trip you may find yourself caught in a downpour. Here are 8 Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain....
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  • 2017-indian-roadmaster-burgundy-ride-command
    2017 Indian Ride Command System
    Indian has proven once again that they are “not just entering the game, but changing it completely.” Forever ahead of the pack, the company redefines premium with the introduction of its innovative industry-leading Ride Command System. The system is available on the company’s two flagship models, the 2017 Cheiftan and 2017 Roadmaster. It is the most advanced...
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  • motorcycle safety tips
    Motorcycle Safety Tips
    There is nothing like the feel of the open road. For many motorcyclists, life is just the other stuff we do in between rides. A responsible rider follows a mental checklist before hopping on their bike and hitting the road. Whether you are a novice or have been riding your whole life motorcycle safety is your number one concern. We have put together a list of motorcycle safety tips we consider every time we ride....
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  • 16th Delmarva Bike Week
    Ocean City Bikefest 2016
    Chesapeake Cycles is excited to be, once again, involved in the 16th Delmarva Bike Week aka Ocean City Bikefest. Ocean City BikeFest 2016 goes from September 15th through September 18th. And, this year is promising to be the best so far! Like always, there is a rocking line-up of concerts all three days. Also, you can enjoy plenty of daredevil shows and demonstrations....
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  • Maryland Fall Roadtrip
    Fall Motorcycle Day Trips in Maryland
    One of the best things about living in Annapolis, Maryland is how close we are to so many attractions. Within only 45 minutes to 2 hours, you can visit wineries, notable landmarks, historic battlefields, quaint towns, cool cities, and national parks. Whether you like visiting a museum, brewery, or amusement park, there is something for everyone. That being said, there are a LOT of places to choose from, so we narrowed it down. Here is a list of the top...
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  • Long Distance Motorcycle Ride Preparations
    Preparing for a Long Distance Motorcycle Ride
    The open road. The wind blowing through your hair. The solace. The sense of adventure. The mystic of the long distance motorcycle trip is what temps many biker’s dreams. Looking to head out for a solo motorcycle trip? Planning on an extended group ride? Before you hit the road and a cruise those miles we have some helpful hints for preparing for a long distance motorcycle ride....
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  • 9 Types of Scooter Owners - Beach Bum
    9 Types of Scooter Owners
    While there are many types of scooter owners, owning a one makes sense for anyone! Some prefer the vintage style while others love the sleek and modern look. Looking for a little fun insight about scooter owners? Read on about the types of scooterists. ...
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  • Vespa Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary
    Vespa Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary
    This year Vespa celebrates its 70th anniversary. In celebration of this momentous occasion, the company is releasing a special anniversary Scooter. Join us in a walk down memory lane as we cruise through scooters past and present....
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  • Female Motorcyclist
    Who is Vicki Gray?
      Who is Vicki Gray? In case you missed it, International Female Ride Day is on May 2nd. While the event might be over, we think it is worth everyone learning a bit more about the woman behind it all, Vicki Gray. After all, really every day is...
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  • Polaris GEM
    4 Benefits of the Global Electric Motorcar
    4 Benefits of the Global Electric Motorcar If you have been looking to add an eco-friendly vehicle then look no further than a Polaris Global Electric Motorcar (GEM). Polaris GEM delivers a unique combination of benefits that give you a smart way to move. It has greater...
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  • Spring Motorcycle Maintenance
    Top 5 Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips
    This is the time of year we wait for, especially in the Northern areas. Spring. With the warmer weather at our fingertips, it’s time to check out your bike and make sure it’s ready. Here are the top 5 spring motorcycle maintenance tips from your friends at Chesapeake Cycles....
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  • Vespa Scooters in Chesapeake Cycles
    4 Reasons You Should Ride a Scooter
    We know what you are thinking. Yeah right – scooters are just not cool. But they are. Technology and design have come a long way and with warm months right around the corner, we wanted to highlight the benefits of choosing to ride a scooter. No longer thought of as a dorky way to get around town, these are more fashion forward and affordable. ...
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  • Benefits of Riders Using Bluetooth Technology
    Benefits of Riders Using Bluetooth Technology
    Benefits of Riders Using Bluetooth Technology Enjoying the freedom of riding no longer has to mean not communicating to the outside world. The days of having to pull over to the side of the road to catch a call have long been gone with the advancements of...
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  • riding in winter
    Keep Riding in the Winter
    If you can’t imagine putting your baby in the garage and waiting till spring to ride, then don’t. With the proper gear, you can keep riding in the winter. Here are the basics that you need to keep you warm and riding all year long....
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  • Adding Chrome to Your Motorcycle
    Adding Chrome to Your Motorcycle
    There is a definite love affair that occurs between a motorcyclist and their ride. Many owners can relate to the countless hours spent tinkering and polishing. For most, the motorcycles are meant to be customized by adding accessories to upgrade the look or the performance. Of all the accessories, chrome is the number one purchased and installed. If you are thinking about adding chrome to your motorcycle, read more about what and how below....
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  • Say Hello to The 2016 Indian Scout Sixty
    Say Hello to The 2016 Indian Scout Sixty
    Indian Motorcycle, America's first motorcycle company, recently announced news of its newest addition to their 2016 lineup. The Indian Scout Sixty is an exciting new design featured by the legendary brand. The Scout Sixty is perfectly balanced and lightweight while being richly steeped in the Indian Heritage. This premium bike is reasonably priced, appealing to a broad segment of new riders, making it a perfect place to begin or continue your Indian journey....
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  • Chesapeake Cycles Indian
    Tips to Winterize Your Motorcycle
    It is a sad day when it is time to pack up your motorcycle for the season, but revel in the memories as you winterize your ride and dream of the season ahead. With a little preparation for the offseason, you can ensure that your motorcycle will be in prime condition and ready to hit the pavement as soon as the weather warms up. Here are is a list of tips to winterize your motorcycle....
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  • Apparel Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists
    Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists
    Owning a motorcycle is a passion. Hours are spent polishing, upgrading, and tuning to be ready to ride. Bikers invest in accessories and install equipment to make the experience the best it can be. Anyone who is, or has a motorcyclist in their life, understands this enthusiasm. It still can be tricky trying when buying gifts for your favorite biker. No matter how long they have been riding or their experience level...
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  • Chesapeake Cycles Toys for Tots Ride
    Toys for Tots Ride
    The Season of Giving is upon us and while you are out shopping for a loved one why not pick up something for someone less fortunate? The team at Chesapeake Cycles is sponsoring a special event benefiting Toys for Tots. It is sure to be a wonderful day filled with camaraderie and good cheer. ...
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  • Apparel accessories
    A Simple Guide to Motorcycle Apparel
    There is no doubt that there is an endless amount of accessories you can purchase to be perfectly outfitted for your next ride. From sunglasses and goggles to full suits. Honestly, the items we are about to mention could each garner its own article, but this is a great resource on how where to start when you are starting to purchase what you need for commuting or cruising. ...
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  • performance accessories
    Performance Accessories
    Owning a motorcycle is more than just taking the bike out on a nice day for a ride. It is more than a hobby; it is a lifestyle. From the roar of the wind to the independence of the open road, a motorcycle symbolizes freedom. Taking the time to care for your motorcycle is like meditation or therapy. Whether it is to wash and wax it, to tune it up, or to rebuild the exhaust system, hours and stress will...
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    Comfort Accessories
    You can spend years, and quite a pretty penny upgrading and personalizing your motorcycle. While it may look superb, how comfortable is your ride? What good is a sweet sled if your saddle is unbearable, even on short jaunts. And we get that the wind blowing through your hair is part of the appeal to riding, but to have the wind or rain relentlessly blast in your face at 65 MPH for hours? Not so much...
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  • Victory Demo Tour at Delmarva Bike Week 2015
    Victory Demo Tour at Delmarva Bike Week 2015
    A division of Polaris Industries, manufacturers of snowmobiles and ATVs, Victory Cycles roared to life July 4th, 1998. As the second largest U.S. manufacturer, Victory's mission is to serve the booming American V-twin cruiser and touring motorbikes marketplace. Victory is the main competitor of Harley-Davidson, and its products in some ways surpass the Motor Company with their high style and competitive...
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  • Zero Motorcycles
    Zero Demo Tour Event
    This August, stop into Chesapeake Cycles and discover the thrill of going electric. You may be scratching your head and wondering what we mean…August 29th, we are sponsoring a Zero Demo day. By Zero, we aren’t saying nothing, nada, zip, or zilch, but refreshing, exhilarating exciting and innovating. Zero Motorcycles has redefined the riding experience by using electronic technology as a means to an end, rather than as an end...
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  • 2015 Indian Vintage
    Indian Demo Tour Event
    We at Chesapeake Cycles are so excited about our coming Indian Cycle demo event at the end of this May. We are proud to be the region’s only Indian dealer since 2003. This legendary brand has a special place in the heart of the experienced rider and novice alike. Since 1902 Indian motorcycles have been offering the public innovative designs. It is the oldest motorcycle brand in the United States. Over and again riders on Indian cycles have been winning...
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  • Motorcycle Road Ready
    Get Your Motorcycle Road Ready
    Blues skies, warm temperatures, the wind in your face, and the sun on your skin. Now that the weather has finally broken here in the Chesapeake Area, you are itching to get out on the road! Here at Chesapeake Cycles, we totally relate. But after this cold and wet winter, we have to all make sure our cycles come out of storage in top notch shape before we get ready to hit the road this season. Here are seven...
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