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Full-Service Department

You may be wondering, what is the difference between a shop that sells bikes and a full-service motorcycle dealership? Exactly as it says, full-service.

Factory Trained Technicians

Chesapeake Cycles is a complete dealership and our service department is unparalleled in the Annapolis area. Our technicians are factory trained and the only Gold Certified Mechanics, in the region, for respected motorcycle brands like Victory, Indian, and Triumph. We have many years experience and are constantly learning the latest technology in order to serve our customers best.

Service While You Wait

The Chesapeake Cycles service team will perform most mileage-based and oil-change services while you wait. We are all riders, too, and we understand that you would rather ride, than wait around for service. Our technicians will do everything possible to get you fixed up and back out on the road quickly.

Call us today to make an appointment, or stop in and let us know what you need. We can answer all your service and parts questions. When it comes to servicing your ride, Chesapeake Cycles has everything you need. We have the best motorcycle service department in the Annapolis Area!

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