In January of 2017 Polaris Industries, with much surprise to all, decided to halt production of Victory Motorcycles.

Although we recognize and understand this to be an economic and business decision by the manufacturer, after 14 years, and as one Victory’s original and larger dealers nationally, we are saddened by the news for many reasons. Everyone here at Chesapeake Cycles have always been extremely proud of the brand itself, including the many industry awards it has won, as well as its amazing performance and reliability achievements along the way; but we are even more proud of the many wonderful customers we have met over the years and the long-term relationships we have forged with so many of you!

Victory is not just a motorcycle brand to many of us, but rather a part of who we are and what many of us choose to ride as motorcyclists. Victory isn’t just something we wear on our shirts but rather a deep seated passion that burns within many of us.

The good news in all of this is that Polaris is committed to support all of us for a minimum of ten years. So know that regardless of if you have an older Victory, or if you just purchased a brand new one, you will have Polaris and a large dealer network behind you every mile you ride!

As a dealership Chesapeake Cycles built the foundation of our business with the Victory brand and are committed to support and service the bikes for many years to come.We will keep you all informed as more news arrives but in the meantime please continue to ride safely and proudly knowing you are still riding the very best of the best!