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Chesapeake Chapter #1957 members consist of men and women who share the passion for the Indian Motorcycle brand and the camaraderie that riding provides. Members consist of couples and singles who reside in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Our IMRG offers experienced and novice riders a chance to enjoy group riding while providing a safe and respectful atmosphere.

Meeting at our sponsor dealership, Chesapeake Cycles about once a month to plan and discuss future rides and events. Group rides range from short runs to day trips and even multi-day adventures. Events are planned throughout the year. Our rides usually originate in Annapolis, MD, and are typically confined to a 150 mile round-trip circuit to any point of the compass. Longer rides will be planned and announced, along with special charity events, trade shows, etc.


Membership to Chesapeake IMRG Chapter #1957 is open to all, even if you do not own an Indian Motorcycle. In order to become a member you must first be an active member of the National Indian Motorcycle Riders Group.

Members of the Chesapeake IMRG Chapter #1957 enjoy the following benefits; 10% off purchases at Chesapeake Cycles, exclusive embroidered membership patch, access to the Chapter Club room, fun friendly group rides and more.


We’re about more than making a statement. We’re about choice. We’re about being proud of where we’ve come from and where we’re going. We’re about being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, our bike or the ride. We’re about making history for the next 100 years.

For more information on how to join our local Chesapeake IMRG Chapter #1957 you can: Call Chesapeake Cycles, Attend any of the chapter meetings or events, or feel free to email the Chapter’s President