If you have been wanting to customize the ergonomics of your Indian Scout and or Indian Scout Sixty than you are in luck. Indian Motorcycle offers three options for fitment, Extended, Standard, and Reduced Reach. Learn which option may suit your ride the best.

Reduced Reach

For riders who measure under 5’6, may find that the reduced reach options suit them the best.  The reduced reach seat positions the rider 2″ back from the normal stock position.

Reduced Reach Indian Motorcycle ImageWhich allows riders who are shorter or who have shorter legs a more comfortable and confident position in regards to the foot pegs and lower controls.

Reduced Reach Handlebars

Reduced Reach Handlebars brings the hand grips and upper controls 2″ closer to the rider. Those who have shorter arm length may find this option more comfortable.

Reduced Reach Foot Controls

Providing extra comfort and reliable control for shorter riders and riders who like to have the lower controls closer to the seat than the stock position. Foot pegs and lower controls are brought 2″ closer and also use the stock foot pegs, so they look like the standard stock equipment.

Standard Reach

Riders between 5’7 and 6’0 will more than likely find the standard stock positioning of the seat, handlebar and controls to suit them just fine.

Extended Reach

Riders who find themselves 6’1 or taller or those who just like to have their legs full stretched out to the foot pegs and lower controls may find the extended reach seat to suit their needs. Specially shaped cushioning in the extended reach seat elevates the rider to a higher seating position and sets the rider  2″ farther back from the stock position.

Indian Motorcycle Extended ReachExtended Reach Handlebars

Best suited for a rider with long arms or riders who prefer to lean forward as they ride, adding an extended reach handlebar will position the hand grips and upper controls 2″ farther than the stock position.

Extended Reach Foot Controls

Positioning foot pegs and lower controls 2″ farther forward than stock position, will provide extra comfort and  control for tall riders and riders who prefer to ride with their legs extended. This option though is currently not available for Scouts with ABS brake system.