Who is Vicki Gray?

In case you missed it, International Female Ride Day is on May 2nd. While the event might be over, we think it is worth everyone learning a bit more about the woman behind it all, Vicki Gray. After all, really every day is a day to ride.

For over 29 years, Vicki Gray has been a riding instructor. Her resume includes being a race-licensing instructor for 12 years, and even a racer herself. She raced the Supersport 600 series in Europe in the 1990’s through the mid-2000’s. In 2012, Vicky became the first woman to have completed the certification of Honda Advanced Skills Motorcycle Instructor. Throughout her career, Vicky realized how little information was out there for female riders, and she wanted that to change.

Where it Started

In 1998 Vicki Gray founded RaceGirl Motorsport, the first ever brand solely for women motorcycle riders. The website offers courses, online articles and workshops. These that encourage women to enhance their skills and to help expand the female riding community. Continuing in her plight, in 2005, she created MOTORESS®, a new brand that would highlight the entire range of women’s riding disciplines.

Back in May 2007, Vicki Gray came up with the idea for International Female Ride Day. Little did she know that it would become a global movement. Each year more and more women across the world organize their own group ride on that day.

International Female Ride Day, is the only synchronized event of its kind. On that day, women are on their motorcycles or scooters with the purpose of exposing how women are just as much a part of enjoying motorcycles as men. While the event for 2016 is over, there is still a lot great stuff you can check out, especially on their news page.

At Chesapeake Cycles, we are big fans of our women riders. If you are looking to get involved our Group Rides, Wednesday nights would be a perfect time! If you are new to riding, be sure to stop in, and any one of our helpful staff will fit you the perfect bike and gear.