4 Benefits of the Global Electric Motorcar

If you have been looking to add an eco-friendly vehicle then look no further than a Polaris Global Electric Motorcar (GEM). Polaris GEM delivers a unique combination of benefits that give you a smart way to move. It has greater comfort and more built-in safety features than a golf cart, and more maneuverability, efficiency and a lower carbon footprint than a van or truck. Check out these other benefits of the Global Electric Motorcar.

1. Offering a Comfortable Ride

Chesapeake Cycles 2016 Model

These are perfect for tailgates, downtown Annapolis traffic and neighborhood travels. Perfect for the vacation home or large properties.

Polaris knows a thing or two about giving their customers a comfortable ride. That’s exactly what you get with GEM. Engineered for premium comfort and long lasting durability, GEM offers a smooth, stable ride, and with a more spacious interior.

2. Safety Matters

GEM includes street-legal safety features such has 3-point safety belts, headlights and turn signals. Polaris makes sure that safety is a top priority, whether you’re driving across a facility or around your neighborhood.

3. Low Carbon Footprint

You can count on GEM to get the job done efficiently, economically and sustainable. They have zero emissions and much lower operating costs than a traditional gas powered van or truck. Polaris GEM vehicles have traveled a combined 450 million miles, saving 20 million gallons of gasoline.

4. Customize Your GEM

With a Polaris GEM, you can choose from a wide variety of options and accessories to fit your GEM to your job! Currently, Polaris offers six GEM variants, including the e2, e4, and e6 passenger models with seating for two, four, and six, respectively. There is also an eL XD variant with a flatbed, as well as more utility-focused eM 1400 and eM 1400 LSV models.

**As of 2021 Chesapeake Cycles is no longer a GEM dealer. If you need your GEM worked on please contact Eastern Lift Truck Company.