Zero Demo Tour Event

Zero_Beach - Zero Demo Tour Event

This August 29th Chesapeake Cycles will be sponsoring a Zero Demo Tour Event offering models for test rides, plus food and fun for everyone.

This August, stop into Chesapeake Cycles and discover the thrill of going electric. On August 29th, we are sponsoring a Zero Demo Tour Event. Zero Motorcycles has redefined the riding experience by using electronic technology as a means to an end, rather than as an end in itself. Zero is offering a brand new thrill and sensation. Picture yourself cruising along the road, and feeling like you are flying effortlessly above the ground. Imagine zero vibration, zero heat, zero fumes. Now imagine only you and the intoxication of the open road. That is Zero.

What does Zero give you?

The Z-force power train gives you the ability to refocus and redefine what riding means to you. It gives you a new found freedom to rediscover your surroundings, with no distractions. Without motor noise you can hear more, without exhaust you can breathe the fresh air, without heat you are more comfortable, without the need to shift you are more at ease. Zero gives you a better connection with the world around you; you can be more in tune with your environment, embrace the road, and envelope the essence of riding.

How far can you go?

You may be wondering, though, how far you can go on one charge before needing to plug in and charge again. Zero Motorcycles offers a varied model line, and each model offers a different range. Presently, the longest range in the line-up is offered by the Zero S ZF 12.5 + Power Tank with 185 miles in the city and 94 miles on the highway. Depending on your lifestyle, there is a variety of options, each with their benefits, contingent upon your intention. It is recommended that before choosing a Zero motorcycle, figure out how far you travel in a typical day. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average person travels approximately 37 miles per day. That, combined with your special planned rides, will help you determine your riding needs.

There is something freeing about passing the gas station knowing you will never be subjected to fluctuating gas prices again. Zero Motorcycles 100 percent electric power train is kinder to the environment by significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It also decreases a rider’s carbon footprint by minimizing oil consumption.

How long does it take to re-charge?

Another concern is how long does it take to fully charge a Zero motorcycle. There are many options available, and we recommend you visit the Zero website for all the information. Zero also offers a quick charge system, allowing owners to add on stand-alone chargers that can significantly reduce charging times. Riders can simply plug into a standard outlet allowing for at least an additional kWh of charge to the power pack per hour. Because of the growing popularity of commuters choosing alternative transportation more public parking lots and garages are now equipped with charging stations.

Surprisingly, more manufacturers are becoming interested in this technology and are planning on releasing their versions of an electric motorcycle. With the growing concerns for the environment and the constant frustration at the gas pumps, more consumers are craving an alternative. The combination of these factors only proves this is a not a trend that is going away anytime soon.

Have we at least sparked your interest in electric motorcycles? Come into Chesapeake Cycles Saturday, August 29th and experience Zero for yourself. We are the area’s only authorized dealer. We will be sponsoring a Zero Demo Tour Event, offering models for free test rides. In appreciation of our customers’ continuing support will be serving lunch, and will have activities and fun available for everyone.