Spring Motorcycle Maintenance

Top 5 Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

This is the time of year we wait for, especially in the Northern areas. Spring. With the warmer weather at our fingertips, it’s time to check out your bike and make sure it’s ready. Here are the top 5 spring motorcycle maintenance tips from your friends at Chesapeake Cycles.

  1. Change Your Fluids
    First things first, make sure you check on all the necessary fluids that keep your bike running smoothly. For example, it’s important to top off on the gear oil, hydraulic fluid, shaft drive oil, coolant, and battery fluid. This may seem obvious but we know how much you want to get on the bike, be patient and check your levels.
  2. Battery Maintenance
    If you didn’t get a chance to take your bike out this past winter, then there is a chance that your battery is dead. Any battery at rest for more than 3-4 weeks can have sulphation build up. Every time your battery does die, its life gets cut down, which over time could become problematic.
  3. Check Your Controls
    Winter weather can really do a number on your bikes parts, especially if it wasn’t stored probably. You will definitely want to do a thorough inspection of your bike. Make sure the hoses don’t have any cracks, bulges or leaks. Make sure the throttle offers smooth movement, in addition, check the cables for any kinks or fraying. Also, make sure the levers and pedals don’t have any break or bend in them.
  4. Inspect the Chassis
    Like we mentioned before, not probably storing your bike over the winter can do havoc on your bike. Make sure you check your frame of your bike for any possible damage or maintenance, cracks or dents, and make sure the forks and shocks are adjusted correctly. Double check that the belt and chain have just the right amount of tension, also teeth are mounted correctly and the fasteners are tight.
  5. Double Check Tires
    Since rubber is the only thing separating you from the road, you should always double check your tires before every ride. If your bike was sitting all winter long, then there is a possibility of potential flat-spotting on the tires. You will definitely need to check the tire pressure and tire wear as well. Spring may also be a great time to just replace the tires now before longer rides start.

If you have any doubt at all about what your bike needs to get it ready for spring, then make an appointment at Chesapeake Cycles Full Service Center. Our expert mechanics can put you safely back on the road just in time for beautiful weather.