2022 Vespa Sprint 50 Racing Sixties


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The Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties in 50-cc 4-stroke uses the innovative i-get engine with an inbuilt barometric sensor that constantly monitors combustion and adapts it to driving conditions. Electronic injection and 3-valve distribution (2 intake and 1 exhaust) are perfectly calibrated to optimize performance and fuel consumption, whilst improved delivery and start-up are the cherry on the top.

Heir to that iconic generation of sporty, nimble Vespas that swarmed European towns and cities during the Swinging Sixties, today’s Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties 50 has most definitely inherited the fresh, carefree spirit that defined both those scooters of yesteryear and their riders, with this special series that is sure to make a splash on the city streets.

Choose from two color options, both of which evoke the sporty yet elegant style long associated with the gentlemen riders of the Sixties and come with gold-colored wheels and red and gold detailing. For a more classic look, there is green paired with yellow graphics, or if you want to reflect a more dynamic, fresh and contemporary attitude, the white version with red graphics fits the bill perfectly.




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Sprint Racing Sixties 50cc

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