The new Piaggio Liberty S 50 is the most adventurous member of the Liberty family with it’s bold red stitching on the seat, diamond-edged wheel rims and black mirrors and luggage rack. Featuring the single cylinder 50 cc three-valve engine with i-get ( Italian Green Experience Technology ).  It offers outstanding performance, reliability, and fuel economy.

The elegant curves of the Liberty S 50 are set off to perfection by chrome trim and large-diameter wheel rims of 14″ at the rear and 16″ up front. They’re not only an integral part of the look, but also ensure greater driving stability and handling.

Practical details include a spacious compartment located under the seat which can hold a full-face helmet and the instrument cluster with its mix of analogue and digital technology ensure maximum visibility both day and night.  Contact Chesapeake Cycles today for information on availability and current promotions.