Keep Riding in the Winter

If you can’t imagine putting your baby in the garage and waiting till spring to ride, then don’t. With the proper gear, you can keep riding in the winter. Here are the basics that you need to keep you warm and riding all year long.

Stick with Layers

When moving at any speed on a bike, you generate significantly lower wind-child temperatures than current air temps. In some cases, that could make a 15-25 degree difference. When preparing to get out there and ride start with your base layers. Avoid cotton at all costs, instead, stick with merino wool or a polyester blend made for cold weather.

Next you want to focus on your outer gear. We highly recommend you invest in heated jackets, pants, gloves and glove liner, as well as foot liners. At Chesapeake Cycles, we carry the complete line of Firstgear heated gear. You are also able to purchase jackets and pants which zip together to form solid seals to prevent any exposure to the cold.

Prep Your Bike

If you really want to heat things up, stop in and check out the latest industry trend –  heated seats and grips. Featured on brands such as Triumph, Indian, and Victory. They also have heated grip and seat options that come as standard equipment on larger touring bikes. Bikes that come standard with heated grips are the Triumph Trophy and Tiger Explorer models as well as the new 2016 Bonneville T-120.

Stay Safe

Last but not least safety first. Always, always check your tire pressure before heading out. Tires lose pressure quickly in the cold and some rubber compounds do not flex as easily. Also, make sure the bikes battery is fully charged. Batteries lose capacity faster when cold, so you want to keep a battery tender on your bike to make sure it remains fully charged. We do stock these at Chesapeake Cycles.

If you want to get out there and keep riding this winter, then get everything you need at Chesapeake Cycles in Annapolis.