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GEM Electric Vehicles

designed, engineered, and manufactured by Polaris and Chesapeake Cycles is proud to be the original GEM® dealer in the Mid-Atlantic. As the first local dealer we are THE EXPERTS at helping you find the perfect electric vehicle for your needs and we stock and service the most GEM cars in the region.

Whether you’re moving people or cargo, GEM electric vehicles are the solution to any need. One of the best things about GEM is that they offer a 64% lower ownership cost as compared to a standard vehicle.

These versatile vehicles are ready to tackle even your toughest jobs. GEM seamlessly adjusts to handle all your complicated tasks. They are virtually silent and will never be disturbing to guests or neighbors.

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It is a simple solution, especially when a truck is too much for the job, thus making GEM utility vehicles more sensible. Efficient, valuable, and fun – GEM delivers on all counts!

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The golf cart alternatives are fully customizable and emit zero emissions. GEM will not only serve to reduce your carbon footprint, but also save you thousands, from the point of purchase and throughout the time you own the vehicle.

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These convenient vehicles are undoubtedly one of the best things to happen to the tourism industry. GEM offers a wide variety of makes and models, sure to serve all your needs.

Hotel owners can utilize GEM for your maintenance team, or to transport guests around town in premium comfort and style, setting your property apart from the competition. Homeowners are utilizing the vehicles to navigate throughout their housing communities. More and more Golf Clubs realize that GEM is the most comfortable and convenient mode of transport on the course.

Passenger Vehicles

Transport people around campuses, facilities or neighborhoods in distinctive comfort
with GEM’s spacious, ergonomic design and street-legal safety features. 

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GEM® e2

Starting at $10,299 US MSRP
The e2 offers the smallest footprint and most nimble performance,
including a tight turn radius for limited spaces.

– 5 Battery/Range Options
– All LED Lighting w/ Optional Light Bar or Beacon
– Open and Closed Carrier Options

GEM® e4 White stock image

GEM® e4

Starting at $13,049 US MSRP
Stand out from typical golf carts with four forward facing back seats,
3 point safety belts, and plenty of legroom.

– 6 inches of Suspension Travel
– 5 Battery/Range Options
– Premium, Work and Cold Weather Packages

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GEM® e6

Starting at $16,049 US MSRP
This roomy vehicle for 6 has enhanced suspension that
accommodates extra passengers without compromising comfort.

– 4 Battery/Range Options
– Fast Charging Available, Great for Shuttles!
– Optional Full Doors

Utility Vehicles

With up to 1,400 lbs of payload, count on GEM to get the job done efficiently, economically and sustainably.

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Starting at $14,049 US MSRP
With a sturdy build and generous ground clearance,
the eL XD is an optimal work vehicle.

– 4 Battery/Range Options
– 70″ x 48″ flatbed
– 1,400 lbs Payload

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GEM® eM 1400 LSV

Starting at $12,049 US MSRP
This street legal vehicle is hardworking and provides
1,250 lbs of towing capacity and 1,400 lbs of payload capacity.

– Range of up to 45 miles
– 42″ x 51″ Steel Flatbed
– Manual or Electric Box Lift Options